XCAD Network content creator adoption chart

Weekend Spotlight: XCAD Network

Diederick Jacobs

Posted on: 8/15/2021,

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The XCAD Network ecosystem is rapidly evolving in an innovative social platform, where content creators and their fans can interact with each other. It opens up a new untapped revenue stream for content creators, while it allows fans to be more engaged with their favorite content creator!

The upcoming few weeks are packed with announcements, until the end of Q3. House of Chimera is interested to analyze the current adoption of XCAD Network to determine the growth of the ecosystem.

Bandwagon effect

The design of the XCAD Network ecosystem has a strong emphasis on the adoption of content creators. They play a major role within the ecosystem, therefore the platform must have a steady increase in adoption by content creators. The value of the XCAD Network token depends on the adoption of content creators, and it’s fans. The token is being used as means of payment for the content creator tokens on the XCAD DEX, therefore creating organic demand. The psychological ‘Bandwagon’ effect could occur when XCAD Network is attracting big content creators to their platform. The bandwagon effect is a cognitive bias that causes people to think or act a certain way if they believe that others are doing the same. Essentially, you could simplify this down to the ‘follow the crowd effect’ whereby people tend to follow influential people.

Adoption by content creators

The current adoption of XCAD Network by content creators is considerable, and this will only grow whenever the platform goes live. As stated above, it is expected that many small- and medium-sized content creators will follow their favorite content creators to adopt the XCAD Network into their business model. The current reach of the content creators of XCAD Network is ~135 million, which equals to 10 countries in Europe, as highlighted in the figure below.

Sidenote: House of Chimera didn't include the alt channels of the content creators, if these were included the total subscriber amount will be above 150+ million.

XCAD Network content creator adoption chart

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