Weekend Spotlight: Okipad

Diederick Jacobs

Posted on: 10/2/2021,

2 minutes read

House of Chimera x Okipad

Okipad is an innovative launchpad that supports projects to receive funding through their ecosystem. The Okipad ecosystem is powered by the OKI token, the native ecosystem token. The token will be used for governance and acquiring allocation rights for Okipad launchpad offerings. The ecosystem will utilize a DAO for governance proposals; OKI token holders can vote on crucial marketing and development proposals. Furthermore, in the future, OKI holders will be able to impact the distribution of upcoming launchpad projects by governance proposals.

The ecosystem utilizes an allocation right mechanism, whereby the allocation size depends on the amount of locked OKI coins. Considering the allocation size is predictable, investors can construct efficient portfolios based on the Efficient Frontier Theory.

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