Research Paper: Syscoin NEVM

Diederick Jacobs

Posted on: 11/19/2021,

2 minutes read

Syscoin NEVM Research paper

The upcoming Syscoin NEVM release is one of the most significant development upgrades on the Syscoin ecosystem by having EVM compatibility while relying on the Bitcoin consensus network. Additionally, Syscoin's NEVM will open opportunities for unseen scalability upgrades through ZK-roll ups.

The research paper will highlight all necessary concepts to comprehend NEVM and all its implications fully. By highlighting all the complicated concepts, from how smart contracts work to modular blockchain designs, investors can understand important and complex cryptographic concepts in a relatively accessible way. The research paper emphasises visualisations and intuitive examples to strengthen the investor's knowledge and create insights into how the underlying technology of NEVM works.

You can find the whole research paper, exclusively on our website, here.
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