Research Paper: MyTVchain

Diederick Jacobs

Posted on: 12/16/2021,

2 minutes read

MyTVchain research paper release

MyTvChain aims to revolutionise how sports are consumed and perceived by consumers. The ecosystem will launch a Web-TV platform that will make sport available to anyone without financial or complexity constraints. Additionally, by integrating NFTs, MyTVChain aims to increase the interaction between fans and athletes. The innovative concept, Fan2Earn, will allow the consumers to engage with their favourite athletes while earning advantages such as real-life athlete experiences.

The research paper highlights all necessary concepts and implications to comprehend MyTVchain. By highlighting all the essential concepts in a relatively accessible manner, investors are provided with an in-depth research paper that gives an excellent insight into the ecosystem.

The research paper emphasises visualisations and intuitive examples to strengthen the investor's knowledge and create insights into how the underlying technology of MyTVchain works.

You can find the whole research paper, exclusively on our website, here.

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